Michael Finney

Comedian, Magician, Philanthropist, Corporate Spokesman, Motivational Speaker and More. Michael Finney has more sides to his life than a well-cut diamond. There is an authenticity to him that seems to disarm an audience instantly, causing everyone to feel as if a friend has just stepped on stage. One reason for the respect Finney gets may be the incredible amount of entertainment he's able to squeeze out of what seems to be so little. Give Him a Deck of cards, a Pair of Scissors plus some Rope and for the Next Hour Your Audience WILL have the Time of Their Lives! His confidence is a by-product of sincerity and the audience connects with it and feeds it back to him in a beautiful way. In Michael's case, sincerity and authenticity transform a simple mixture of Character, Context, Humor, and Magic into something that not only Entertains but Inspires. Many years of performing in comedy clubs have been assimilated into creating an instinct for what's appropriate at every venue ... something his Audiences (& Clients) have learned they can depend on for fun for Everyone.